Solid Solar Generator systems are based upon engineered, modular 70kw systems. This modular design allows us to install smaller privately owner Community Solar power systems closer to the communities that need the power. The 70kw system will provide power for 10 to 20 homes. We can install up to 14 of these modules (980kw) in a single area.

The solar panels in our modular design are premium high performance Mono-crystalline Silicon which have 144 cells and are rated at 560w. These are the latest in Solar PV panel design that are rated at 21.9% efficient. Getting the most out of those expense solar panels is key to our design.

The US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) PVWATTS Calculator uses solar data gathered over the last 25 years to determine the power production for different types of solar installations in different locations across the US. This Calculator shows that if we install the 126 panels that make up or 70KW module in Tucson on a fixed mounting (like on a roof) they would generate 136,113 Kwh in a year. If those same panels are install on a single axis solar tracking mount system they will generate 170,811 Kwh. That is a 21% increase in production for reasonable increase in plant costs.

The 70kw module consists of 6 tracks of 21 solar panels each. Each track is 78 feet long and is 7.5 feet wide with 10 feet of space on both sides. Where these 6 tracks can be laid out in any configuration, the optimal layout is 2 rows of 3 tracks with the power module located in the center of the layout.

The standard inverter configuration is a direct on-grid unit without on-site storage. Each system owners can opt for hybrid inverters and batteries if their implementation would make use of this option.